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This game was made in 7 days for the Taira Games GameDevSquad GameJam.The theme was "One Room."

In this game, you play as a little toy robot and have to escape your owner's bedroom using things that they've left in there.

There are seven endings to this game. Try and find them all!

I'll post a walkthrough in the project's comments for anyone who gets stuck.

Average sessionA few minutes


AStoryForAnotherTime.zip 63 MB


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Made a video 


Oh wow! Haven't watched it, but I'm really excited to, whether you love it or hate it, it means a lot to me :)


Watched the video... Felt good to watch someone play the game and give feedback in real time. I realise now that I should have told the player how to sprint, as it's crucial to get one of the endings.

The two endings you missed were (SPOILERS)

Using the plane while the window was still closed

Sprint-jumping from the desk to the backpack in the wardrobe and using it

Thanks for taking the time to showcase my game!

Happy you enjoyed the video it was a fun game to play and the endings had some interesting stories for another time. It was for a game jam so it was reasonable to have things that could have been improved or implemented into the game but it was still a really good game. 

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This is a guide to achieving every ending for satisfaction (or in the case of the GameJam, for judging the game!)
SETUP - Most endings require the following

-Grab the dart gun from under the bookshelf at the foot of the bed

-Grab the darts from the shelving unit (they're on the bottom row)

-Go to the right of the shelving unit and interact with the 'ghost darts'

-Interact with the new darts to climb onto the unit

-Drop down from the top of the unit onto the rightmost top compartment to find the nail clippers

-Use the nail clippers on the guitar to get string and craft grappling hooks

-You can use these grappling hooks at three points in the room. They're hard to miss

Ending 1 - Through the Door

-Follow the setup steps

-Climb onto the shelving unit and jump onto the bed. There is a key behind the pillow. Take it.

-Use the grapple next to the door and interact with it.

Ending 2 - Out the Window

-Follow the setup steps

-Jump from the shelving unit to the desk

-Drop onto the chair, then jump onto the PC unit beneath the desk. Grab the key.

-Make your way back up to the top of the desk. There is a shelf that you can drop down to on one side (quite hard to miss)

-Take the tape from the shelf and jump back up

-Interact with the plane

-Interact with the lock on the window (may require a jump)

-Use the grapple on the wardrobe/closet

-Interact with the green plane prompt

Ending 3 - Into the Window

-Follow all steps of ending 2, but don't pick up the key or interact with the window lock.

Ending 4 - Into the vents

-Follow the setup

-Grapple on the wardrobe/closet and climb up

-Grab the screwdriver

-Interact with the same grapple again to avoid falling

-Go on top of the shelving unit and do the grapple there, then interact with it

Ending 5 - In the Rucksack

-After firing the darts to make a ladder to the shelving unit, jump onto the desk.

-Go around to the other side and do a running jump from the edge of the desk. Strafe around the corner of the wardrobe/closet to land on the shelf, then interact with the rucksack.

Ending 6 - At Least you tried

-Follow the setup and grapple up the wardrobe/closet

-Jump off.

-No seriously, just jump off.

Ending 7 - Mousehole

-There's a door in the corner behind the desk. Go through it